What is the difference between the 1 on 1, group + self study programs?

I often refer to these program styles in relation to physical fitness training options.

The self-study program is like purchasing a gym membership, you get access to all the equipment + can explore and implement the tools on your own.

The group program is like a group fitness class where you have a mentor / coach leading the class with all the learning + sharing done as a group within. Sometimes learning big aha’s from other people’s questions + sharings.

The 1 on 1 program is hiring a personal trainer where the program is created + altered specific to your individual needs and you are solely supported + guided along the path by a mentor / coach.

Are your programs only available locally?

All of our programs are offered both virtually + locally. We use zoom as our communication for virtual clients. 1 on 1 local clients will have the option to choose which they prefer to accommodate lifestyle and can alternate based on need. Group programs will be virtual unless there is full group that is local.

What can i expect from this program?

You can expect a step by step action plan for implementing the tools + teachings to living a life in line with your true essence + the soulful qualities that are unburied from that space. You can expect a program that will guide you along a path backwards through your life to rediscover your true essence. Support + connection to a community of others who are digging + blooming too. If you follow the steps exactly shared within the program modules you will be given to the opportunity to a different view + way to handle life that includes finding your goodness + peace + joy in your everyday.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, we absolutely offer payment plans that are flexible and can discuss the best option for you when you connect.

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