It Starts with You.



I am so excited that you have ended up in this space. You might be wondering why or how you got here. Or perhaps you feel this is exactly where you are needing to be right now. Either way I like to believe it is not a coincidence.

Maybe you are at a spot where you need something to shift? You need life to flow a bit (or a lot) differently than the way you’ve been doing it. Or perhaps you feel stuck yet are over the hustle to find your joy and question if that peace people keep talking about really exists without going off the grid. Or you’re waiting for the next thing to be THE THING to bring you the freedom + fulfillment you know is out there. And then there’s the guilt for just not being grateful for your wonderful life. Possibly a combo of all these on different days.

I feel you. Deeply. This is the spot I was in when I finally said

‘there has got to be another way’.

And sure enough there really truly is. Our paths + programs are created based on the decades of experience + learnings from myself + many many teachers who also reached this point and found a new path, a new view. A path that brings your knowing into living as you unbury your true essence + find all those parts you longed for are in there. I would have called BS reading these notes in the past too, but in my desperation opened myself to a different way of showing up each day that has truly validated this path is real. And I’ve created The Human Bloom because I so very much want the same for you! It’s truly a game changer friends.


Please wander through the different spots within this space. Soften your heart + calmly ask yourself as you browse, why am I here?

… never know, you being here might just change your life. It sure did mine.


Paths + Programs

Our paths + programs are designed to guide + support you as you walk the path to rediscovering your true essence and living it in your everyday. To unburying all those soulful qualities you long for in your life. That inner peace + deep joy and the freedom + fulfillment they bring. All that is available regardless if your grass is green or if you even have grass at all.

The human bloom is the path we walk to feel our true essence in our everyday. It is a willingness to be vulnerable to those layers in our life we don’t often like to review, those layers that we have likely avoided and protected ourselves from. Those layers we are not aware are actually running our show + in that making our inside stuff appear like an outside issue. The human bloom is a healing + releasing of the emotions within these layers. It is a path to peace + joy different than the route we’ve been trying. It is a backward walk through your life along a direct non avoidance path through review + revision + release. The human bloom is a practice in which you go back to find authentic true you + the undeniable freedom + impact when you live a life in line with that real you.

We offer a variety of program styles from 1 on 1 guidance + coaching to on-line self-study programs. We have created these styles in hopes there will be a fit for every one who is ready to dig in + bloom.

Today is a really good day for a new view. And it starts with you. Allow yourself to step. Allow yourself to BLOOM.

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