A Little Ditty About Me, B. 

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Hi, I'm Rebekah. also Known to many as b.

I am the founder of The Human Bloom. I have had many titles and hats in my four chapters so far.  The common thread always a love for aha moments either my own or sparking them in others.  Never fully aware all signs have been pointing to where I am today, here creating The Human Bloom, a path to support others find their true self and the peace + joy that flows everyday once there. 

I might have been the last to realize but it sure is crystal clear now. 

If I am completely honest I was so unaware of my own resistance to this inward path, my knowledge and willingness to 'feel' convincing me I somehow was in turn applying this knowledge. But intellect is different than wisdom + apparently the blossoms of this path don’t occur through knowledge osmosis.  I have looked in many places to feel fulfilled, hoping and hustling for my purpose + consistent happiness to suddenly present itself in the next great thing.  I tried on all the big life pieces that we were led to believe would bring that complete joy from a university degree + career,  wife + mom to homeowner + healthy lifestyle.  I truly have the life I desired when I was a kid.  I even have a dog named Happy. For real. And yet, I still had a deep feeling that something was off, something was missing... for which I felt guilty and thus continued the cycle of finding a solution ‘out there’. Again.  

I began to notice I have been here before + I began to realize it seemed the same story came after every next thing I anticipated as THE thing.  Only to see the rerun story that this too did not bring the freedom + peace + joy I'd hoped.  Turning 40 was a bit of a final straw, even though I was skeptical I held a slight hope that the 'right' to not care anymore would override any opposing emotions and I would finally be free.   Turns out turning 40 wasn't the secret to inner calm + deep joy either.   If anything it just highlighted the things I didn't want to care about anymore but still did. 

The one thing turning 40 did do for me was help me to see that my story still remained the same after 4 decades + I was no longer satisfied with the solution of 'this is just how it is'. I reached a point of truth, there has to be another way to find peace + joy. 

And there was... there is, which turns out has been available in every decade + every day really.  A way that is backwards to how I'd been living.  A way that is not a cake walk but does show you how to live in peace regardless if your grass is green or if you even have grass at all.  As with healthy changes to our physical bodies, this too is a lifestyle practice and not a one time switch.  It has taken effort, it has taken trust and it has taken courage but it has been worth every small + large step.  It is not like anything I imagined... because it is better.  And experiencing this path to peace + joy has made me realize this has been my purpose all along, to get here + help guide others here too.  To find peace + joy in our everyday by accepting all the parts in ourselves, in others, in all.   I just had to accept it in me first.  

I am so very honoured to be here to show up for you and share all the learnings I have gathered from many many teachers, who showed up for us.  I have combined my education + experience to bring you practical ways to shift from knowing to being peaceful and joyful, to being you.  And believe me, there is a big difference.  I have walked along side others guiding them with the practice + programs I have developed and have witnessed miraculous shifts. So wander on through our site.  Glance at the paths + programs we offer and if you feel a spark please connect.  I want nothing more than to see you feel this peace + joy too.  

May you feel the sun shine in you everyday,